In this Country there has been a drive for the emission reduction of methane as well as other "Greenhouse" gasses for some years now. Various special interest groups and regulatory departments of Government, and even Industry organizations such as CAPP (Canadian Assoc. of Petroleum Producers) have been encouraging member companies and producers, to reduce the amount of methane released unburned into the atmosphere. More recent initiatives by the AEUB have lead to further pressure being exerted on producers to reduce such emissions. Most conventional flare stacks are significantly inefficient at flaring off the entire hydrocarbon stream. These un-burnt hydrocarbons can result in distasteful odors and a general negative effect on the overall health of the environment. Using our portable ground flares virtually the entire hydrocarbon stream is consumed and not left to drift into the environment. The equipment provided by Alberta Mobile Combustion Inc. is significantly more efficient than a traditional flare stack and is a step toward reducing the environmental impact your operation will have.